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Brian Gongol

August 2, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Talking Too Fast

Water News Biofuels could lead to a gasoline surplus

The American Way August 2007 update to the EconDirectory

Humor and Good News The Milton Friedman Choir

News The anger after the Minneapolis bridge collapse
We obsess over terrorism and immigration, but ignore the real and practical hazards right in front of us: Medicare insolvency, worn infrastructure, and over-building in high-risk areas along the coasts and in earthquake-prone regions

Science and Technology Talking too quickly, or just fast enough?

Weather and Disasters Forecaster thinks weather brought the Minneapolis bridge down
His hypothesis is that differential expansion and contraction of the concrete and metal components may have aggravated existing fatigue, which was a known problem. Four victims are known dead, and at least eight other people are missing, though that might be an underestimate. The photos of the disaster site are really amazing. Related: Only Ohio has more century-plus bridges than Iowa.

Computers and the Internet Mozilla will share tools for testing Firefox security with the rest of the world

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