Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 10, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Fire Safety

Water News Senate approves plan for infrastructure reinvestment

Health What kills Americans
By far, the leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer. The remaining causes aren't even close. The more we can fix or delay those two causes of death, the longer our average life expectancy will become.

Business and Finance Russians, Germans may trade off control of 10% of UK's electrical grid

Iowa South Carolina's now-earlier primary vote could shift Iowa's caucus date

Business and Finance Economic mobility for immigrant families
Historically, second-generation family members do better than the national average, but there are some indications that those who are from lower-class families when they arrive have a harder time catching up

News Ahmadinejad goes after Iranian banks
Uses a populist theme to argue for more lending to poor people

Science and Technology Ancient teeth suggest Asia may have contributed to Europe's genes as much as Africa did

Aviation News Space hotel plans opening for 2012
According to the Future Scale, that's about the time when Medicare will start to become insolvent and wireless e-mail access will become a commodity. It's also the year for the London Olympics.

Broadcasting Video promo for the WHO Radio Wise Guys
(Video) The show will be live from the Iowa State Fair on Saturday