Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 12, 2007

News New York Times Magazine feature on the new highway font family
The magazine finally catches up with leading news websites with a lengthy article on Clearview

News Russia's claim to the North Pole
Made all the more dubious by the fact they ripped off "Titanic" to make the video, Russia's claim on the far northern seas is being seriously challenged by Denmark, which controls Greenland, and Canada, which is sending troops up north to provide arctic defense

Computers and the Internet Firefox promises to save users from themselves
Next edition (version 3) is supposed to include anti-malware and anti-phishing tools that they think may help keep the naive from doing damage to their own CPUs

Broadcasting Show notes from the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio
Including pre-school for some, not all...the mortgage bump...and what kids know about economics

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