Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 13, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Emergency

Water News Water-finding help from space

Threats and Hazards Drugs and organized crime are taking over Latin American soccer
(Article in Spanish)

Business and Finance What's $3 billion between friends?
Goldman Sachs drops $3 billion into one of its hedge funds just to keep the thing afloat. Yes, that's the same Goldman Sachs that gave out $11 billion in bonuses in 2005. Read a little Jack Bogle and figure out why investors are getting screwed...hard. In far too many cases of investment banking, value isn't really being created, but someone's getting billed for it anyway.

Threats and Hazards Anonymous coward threatens University of Iowa with pipe bombs
University police blew up a backpack out of concern it was related to a threat they received about four pipe bombs on campus. Someone else tried a bomb threat at the Colorado Springs airport this afternoon.

The United States of America Karl Rove will retire at the end of August
The President's chief political advisor will be taking the rest of the administration's term off from politics. The retirement, though, may point out one of the biggest shortcomings of the Bush Administration: Too much of what has gone on has been about political advantage (like the Medicare explosion) rather than pro-market, pro-liberty principles. That's making it hard for Republican Presidential candidates to be or even sound serious about moving back to the Goldwater wing of the party.

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