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Brian Gongol

August 15, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Preventative Care Center

Weather and Disasters Tropical Storm Dean heads for the Caribbean
This happens just as Tropical Storm Erin hits southern Texas and Flossie spares Hawaii. It sure looked like it could've been bad for a while. There is, however, a supertyphoon headed straight for Taiwan and eastern China. Hurricanes in the Atlantic are about twice as common as they were a hundred years ago. Related: Satellite imagery shows just how bad the flooding in China was in July.

News Two jobs plus household duties exceed what two people can do

Business and Finance P/E ratios: Higher than a roadie on a Grateful Dead tour
The classic measure of how much people ought to pay for stocks has been ignored pretty badly over the last decade or two

Broadcasting Former WHO Radio program director dies
Robert Gifford led the station into the contemporary talk-radio format

Water News Iowa DNR warns about fish kills

News Georgia's president says he's not going to war with Russia
...Even though a Russian airplane dropped a guided missile on Georgia on August 6th

Computers and the Internet Specialty farms use the Internet to make money

Business and Finance Wal-Mart CEO says consumers are running out of money
Says that's going to hurt the company's year-end profits. Home Depot is seeing a huge slide in profits, too. China, meanwhile, is finding shipping prices to be a drag. But on the up-side, the government expects gas prices to fall through the end of 2007.

Health Study reveals huge differences in how high-risk women get preventative care for breast cancer
Canadian study shows that the differences can be dramatic, based solely upon where a woman lives

The United States of America Chief of Staff: "Today's Army is out of balance"
Says they're deploying too often, with too little time at home and too little conventional training. The stresses of deployment in Iraq most certainly contribute to fatigue, too.

Science and Technology Is the future of energy simply electric?
That is, should we work full-speed at abandoning internal combustion and get serious about improving our ability to produce electricity instead?

Health New therapies being tested to help people with brain injuries
Importantly, that group includes more than 12,000 people returning from combat overseas

Threats and Hazards Flash mobs: An excellent example of why the current anti-terrorism model doesn't work well
With nothing more than mobile phones and willing participants, flash mob organizers can get 50 people to show up and do stupid, quasi-anonymous things with little or no notice. It doesn't take much in terms of expense or technology to coordinate action, so building a massive bureaucracy to act as the bulkhead keeping terrorism at bay doesn't make a load of sense. We need to spread out our risks and make the average person considerably more aware than we're ever expected them to be.

News Decidedly worthwhile special on the news business
It's mildly left-leaning, but the overall story is very worthwhile

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