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Brian Gongol

August 17, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Time to Renovate

Water News Dehydration risks to life and limb

Science and Technology UK scientists say using more biofuels could just aggravate global warming
Specifically, they're concerned that the deforestation required to produce the plant material necessary to make the biofuels may completely overtake the value of the fuels themselves

Computers and the Internet "Ionic wind" might create a 250% improvement on conventional computer fans
By dragging charged ions across the surface of a chip, Purdue University researchers think they can create a consistent airflow across the chip and improve its cooling effectiveness

Computers and the Internet Is Internet addiction the same as OCD?
Some would say it's something different. A lecturer at Tel Aviv University thinks Internet addiction may be so serious it requires medication.

Computers and the Internet Rise of the machines -- with a funny bone
University of Cincinnati researchers say they've taught a computer program how to recognize jokes based on wordplay. It's far from sophisticated, but it's a start towards creating machines that can interact on a level that seems more human.

News China's trying to make friends with central Asian countries
US dollars go to China to buy goods; those dollars are used to build roads in Tajikistan

Threats and Hazards Iranian government turns up the heat on journalists

Computers and the Internet Where's health-care money being spent? On reading e-mail.
Two attorneys racked up $400,000 in fees reading 2,500 internal e-mails from Merck in a dispute over Vioxx, in part to determine which are covered by attorney-client privilege

News High oil prices help the Russian treasury
And so they're launching long-range practice bomber missions to show off their military might

Weather and Disasters Averages are a tricky thing
One-year flashback: The same part of England that flooded a month ago was suffering the worst drought in 30 years. If you average drought and flood together, the mean would be somewhere around normal. But that's hardly the reality.

Business and Finance $91.5 million to play baseball for five years
That's the deal Carlos Zambrano got from the Cubs

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