Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 24, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Trendy Domain

Science and Technology Volvo's new 52-mpg car
Achieved through a diesel engine, new transmission oil, and some aerodynamic tweaks, plus better engine-management software

News Drivers' ed in a Humvee
US Marines are training soldiers from Georgia how to drive Humvees -- the biggest problem being that most of the Georgians have never driven anything before

Business and Finance Bill Gates says he'll really leave Microsoft next year

Computers and the Internet Trend: Registering your baby's name as a domain
Probably not the worst idea in the world...as long as the domain-registration fee isn't squeezing out more important things like the diaper budget

Computers and the Internet The iPhone: It's like IE4 all over again
The touch-screen interface makes it hard to design a website that looks good on the "real Internet," as Apple so loudly touted, and that functions when human fingers are involved. And that's not the only reason the iPhone may be forcing some websites to make special iPhone-enabled sites.

News Mother Teresa's diaries suggest agnosticism
Related: Christopher Hitchens's "The Missionary Position" suggests that a lot of popular myth surrounding Mother Teresa is patently untrue

Humor and Good News Paranoia: If it's not a flag, it's probably a bomb

Water News Flooding shuts down Ottumwa water works

Broadcasting The best voice-over narrator in America
Everyone with a radio or a television anywhere in the USA has heard Peter Thomas's voice at least once. An excellent example of his work is a personal narrative about Omaha Beach. It's gut-wrenchingly good.

Humor and Good News What if the YouTube debate had really been like YouTube?
(Video) The fake version feels almost too real, but it's hilarious

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