Gongol.com Archives: August 2007
Brian Gongol

August 28, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Deep Tunnel

The United States of America Report from March: "[A] significant portion of our Nation's bridges ... may be nearing the end of their anticipated design lives"
The Minneapolis bridge disaster seems to confirm that observation

Broadcasting $20,000 in coins set up like a domino relay
It was part of a promotion for a British TV show promoting innovations

Broadcasting BBC gets unceremoniously yanked from the airwaves in Moscow

News Turkey wants to be in the center of energy trading
By cooperating with a bunch of resource-rich countries in the East, they're hoping to become merchants to the West. That's probably why Russia is showing a new level of interest in the Mediterranean.

News Update to the Future Scale
114 predictions about the future

Water News Chicago's Deep Tunnel overwhelmed by recent floods

Socialism Doesn't Work Advertising restrictions in UK are "an objection to the economic process as much as the product"

Weather and Disasters One solution to flooding: Build houses that float

Business and Finance Consumers get worried about markets; markets get worried about consumers
And the result is a bunch of needless panic

Humor and Good News The 27 pages of things you can't put on a vanity plate in Michigan
Includes DOGPOOP and 38DD. Apparently there are a lot of goofballs in Michigan.

Science and Technology Corn-based polymer absorbs 2,000 times its weight in water
It's being used to save water-damaged books without the normal hassles

News Thug who beat and carjacked 91-year-old man gets up to 30 years in prison

Threats and Hazards Replacement shelter for Chernobyl is 7 years behind schedule
That's scary, considering there are some giant holes in the existing structure that allow rain in (and through to the groundwater) and dust out. Related: Russia and Belarus are talking about sharing nuclear weapons

Science and Technology Parts of Manhattan sit on top of British war rubble
Britain had tons of rubble as a result of the Blitz during World War II, and they needed to get rid of it -- just as New York City was in need of material for landfill. In fact, 25% of Manhattan is landfill.

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