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Brian Gongol

August 30, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Ammonia Spill

Water News EPA fines dairy farm $36,000 for failing to report ammonia spill

Science and Technology Impressive beautification of what could've been a hideous bridge

News Parents: A 5-year-old is not a suitable designated driver

News General Petraeus gives early hint on "surge" report
Tells "The Australian" that roadside bombing deaths have fallen, seizures of weapons caches have doubled, and there's been a 75% reduction in religious and ethnic killings since last year

Business and Finance Want to get rich? Move to western Canada.
Alberta and Saskatchewan have the two best labor markets (for workers) in North America right now. They're doing especially well because of the oil boom, which raises interesting questions about whether the ethanol boom has peaked in Iowa -- as a planned ethanol plan has been put on hold because economic conditions have changed. By "economic conditions," they probably mean "corn prices have risen beyond the feasibility point."

News Federal government spends $750,000 on alarm sirens in Duluth
The city is contributing $250,000 to an effort to replace the town's 30-year-old system of conventional Civil Defense warning sirens with a bunch of new sirens. The problem? The new sirens are equipped with loudspeakers for verbal commands (which is a little creepy, though not necessarily wrong...unless they start barking orders at people) -- and cameras. Cameras? Isn't that a little too Big Brotherish? At least some residents think so. And why is the Federal government footing 75% of the bill?

Iowa Armed campus police at UNI still unresolved
It's been debated at UNI since at least 2000, and after incidents like the Virginia Tech attacks, it must be frustrating to those who feel their hands are tied. The report just issued on the Virginia Tech killings suggests that confusion over privacy laws, lack of clear authoritative leadership, and poor communication all made the situation worse.

Business and Finance US economy grew at an annualized 4% rate in second quarter
That's good -- but we really have to crank it up even higher

Computers and the Internet Apple's going to have trouble busting those who unlock the iPhone
Since their network isn't eligible for copyright, the software locks in place that prevent using the iPhone on any network but AT&T's aren't really eligible for legal protection

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