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Brian Gongol

September 2, 2007

Broadcasting Show notes from tonight's "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio
Including the best place for a job, GM's hybrid SUV, and fines for hugging

Business and Finance Banner ads on free notebooks for college students
Web-style ads find their way back onto paper

Health Mosquito nets may be last, best defense against malaria
Inconsistent use of anti-malarial drugs has allowed mosquitoes to build up resistance, which means that people will have to make better use of mosquito nets to protect themselves. But, unfortunately, in some parts of Cameroon, only 30% of people are even using the nets. Africa is going to have a colossally difficult time with development if it can't fend off diseases like malaria.

News Albuquerque's junior newspaper goes up for sale
The Albuquerque Tribune is on the auction block for an undisclosed amount, but the editor is already planning to throw in the towel

Iowa New publisher of Des Moines Register has no experience in news
Laura Hollingsworth comes from a background strictly limited to advertising. Former publisher Charles Edwards says, "Whether she completely understands the news side of the operation at this point may be part of a learning curve for her."

Business and Finance Hyundai union votes for strike, but postpones walkout
The company's official statement: "The union can survive only if the company survives." The story of Korea's chaebol (industrial conglomerates) is a fascinating one.

Science and Technology Breast implants with MP3 players
In 15 years, perhaps?

News Handwritten jail records from 1800s show life is better now
Records from the Goodhue County Jail in Minnesota dating back to 1859 have been found in some old vaults. The records include a lengthy catalog of offenses that reflect how human nature really hasn't gotten worse over the years. In fact, the sheriff's department thinks the records reveal that serious crimes -- like murders -- are actually less common today than they used to be.

News Message-board participants take a dim view of urbanization in India

Computers and the Internet YouTube becomes a forum for international conflict
Ethnic Chinese rapper from Malaysia complains about corruption and discrimination in a music video; four terrorists appear in a response video, threatening violence against him if he returns to the country

Science and Technology A (nearly) complete guide to US highway signs
From sign dimensions to the icons and graphics used on them, the Federal Highway Administration has rules on how the signage is supposed to look. The complete guide to signage regulations is incredibly long. They're very specific about letter heights and all other kinds of dimensions.

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