Gongol.com Archives: September 2007
Brian Gongol

September 7, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Grid Modernization

The United States of America Rail service in eastern Iowa?
Railroading enthusiast George Davison hopes so. Rail service is only useful in places where concentrated population centers have lots of traffic between them -- and the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids corridor could be just such a place.

Agriculture Borlaug Learning Center breaks ground

Weather and Disasters Dear East Coast: Have you noticed the potential hurricane outside?

Humor and Good News "Chunnel to nowhere"
A bemused look at (very real) plans to build a tunnel between Spain and Morocco. Oh dear.

The United States of America Three days until Sen. Hagel announces his plans

Business and Finance "Grid modernization ... must remain a national priority"

Aviation News New computer system creates real-time maps of air turbulence
No one likes encountering turbulence in-flight, and it can also be expensive when it causes damage to aircraft or flight delays. Based on new mathematical models and the existing NEXRAD Doppler radar system network installed across the US, the FAA and NSF have sponsored a project for forecasting turbulence in real time that is going to be tested through October by United Airlines pilots. If it works, they hope to have it installed everywhere by 2011.

Science and Technology Physicist thinks he's figured out the Spider-Man secret
Italian physicist thinks spiders and geckos are able to hang upside-down from things because of the weak attractive force between molecules, and he thinks humans could take advantage of the same by using carbon nanotubes

Water News EPA plan has Muscatine separating its sewers

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