Gongol.com Archives: September 2007
Brian Gongol

September 11, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: The English Way

Humor and Good News EU gives up, will let Britain keep using the English system
The pint stays. Take that, metric! (Not that ignorance of the metric system is a good thing.) But being told by a bureaucratic institution to quit using a system seems overbearing.

News "Applause lights" as a substitute for real content in speeches

Computers and the Internet Everyone likes free stuff, including fonts
FontShop offers a free font family for September, called Revalo

Computers and the Internet The Internet as applied to the Tokyo subway system
It's a complex affair and a smart publicity stunt

Science and Technology Chemist thinks he can get fire from water
By applying RF radiation to salt water, he thinks he can dislodge hydrogen ions and light them on fire. And a Penn State chemist says he thinks it's true.

Humor and Good News Sometimes, the payoff is worth it
(Video) A gorilla plays Phil Collins...for no apparent reason.

Science and Technology Alaska lake is "boiling" with methane
Evidence, perhaps, that the climate has warmed enough to release gases directly from the permafrost -- or, alternatively, that the permafrost has released long-frozen organic materials into the lake, where they are at last decomposing and releasing methane. Either way, a sign that things are getting warmer. Related: Environmental recklessness in China may have killed an entire dolphin species.

Aviation News Brazil to pour $1 billion into airport improvements
Significant because of the recent crash in Sao Paulo, blamed in part on the runways

Health Brain networks, not one part of the brain, appears to determine intelligence
Thanks to advanced medical imaging, researchers at UC-Irvine have figured out that the brain's network of areas related to language, attention, and memory appears to be what determines a person's intelligence -- not the size of one single part of the brain or another

The United States of America Minnesota legislature convenes special session for $150 million flood-aid bill

Water News $500 million for rural water and sewer improvements?