Gongol.com Archives: September 2007
Brian Gongol

September 17, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Pink Flamingo

News Richard Dawkins rebuts six major criticisms of "The God Delusion"

Broadcasting Boston's PBS TV complex now has a 30' digital video screen
The giant screen is supposed to be visible from a distance of two miles

Business and Finance Hungary the most stable developing major economy

The United States of America "We shall tell you the truth"
The importance of honesty to the world's perception of the United States

Business and Finance Inflation in Argentina is almost 9% a year
(Article in Spanish) That's uncomfortably high -- cutting into savings and subjecting everyone to menu costs and other hassles that do absolutely nothing useful for participants in the economy. What's scary is that Alan Greenspan is concerned that inflation rates in the US could reach 4% or more by 2030.

Humor and Good News Jack Hanna gets stuck with a flamingo in an airport turnstile

Business and Finance Barron's names Berkshire Hathaway the world's "most respected company"
And in other business news, the owner of Arby's has his eyes on buying Wendy's

Agriculture Ag economist thinks soybeans are a better bet than corn
Sees over-hype in the ethanol business, plus crop risks in other parts of the world

Aviation News Thai plane crash may have happened during aborted landing

Water News Patterson Pumps completes "impossible" schedule to get flood pumps to New Orleans