Gongol.com Archives: September 2007
Brian Gongol

September 24, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Secret Police

Water News Food waste also makes for energy waste

Computers and the Internet Google security vulnerabilities revealed
All three required the simultaneous use of Google products and a separate malicious site

News "Reverent agnostic" tries to live by the Bible's rules for a year
Advises those who choose to use the Bible as a guide for living: "You want to take a heaping serving of the parts about compassion, mercy and gratefulness -- instead of the parts about hatred and intolerance."

Socialism Doesn't Work Secret police kidnapped Czech emigres and forced them back during Communist era
That's how bad things are for people living under Communism: Even when they escaped, sometimes they were taken back. Communism remains a pox on humanity. It may take a while for former Communist states to get the hang of freedom, too: The Czech prime minister wants regulations on press freedom because he's tired of the newspapers writing things about him.

News Canada could have an election yet this fall
It certainly makes the marathon Presidential race in the US look like a 50-yard dash

Broadcasting A little pick-me-up
Paul Oakenfold hosts a show on the BBC loaded with cheery pop and dance from the last few decades. Well worth a listen.

Aviation News In-flight photos of shredded tire on ERJ-145 landing gear

Science and Technology Biological instincts drive us to look at "beautiful people"

Business and Finance Argentina makes big strides against poverty
But they're still fighting high inflation rates, which create problems for everyone -- but especially for the poor

Broadcasting This weekend's radio highlight reel
(Audio) A short clip from this weekend's "Brian Gongol Show" (highlights from some past shows are also online). Also available: A highlight clip from this weekend's "WHO Radio Wise Guys", which also has an archive of previous show highlights. Related (or maybe not): Men with low voices are more attractive to women and have more kids.

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