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Brian Gongol

September 26, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Birthing Center

Science and Technology US Department of Energy's insulation recommendations
If we really wanted to save a lot of energy in this country, we ought to look at insulation: Air conditioning accounts for 31% of domestic household electricity consumption, and space heating alone accounts for 10% -- not to mention the natural gas used for heating and any of the heating or air conditioning done in commercial buildings

Science and Technology Scientists say they've made a breakthrough in printing organs using laser printers
This really isn't a joke: Science is making big breakthroughs that are setting a path towards printing new organs in 3D. The latest breakthrough, by scientists at University College London, involves finding ways to print those new organs without putting them through electrical fields, which could mean better survivability.

Computers and the Internet Evil execution of JavaScript could let crooks into your Gmail account
The best rule is to leave JavaScript off by default, then allow individual sites to use it. Unfortunately, there are so many heavily Java- and JavaScript-dependent sites out there, this makes for clunky browsing.

Business and Finance Doctors, like all other folks, respond to incentives
India is finding it hard to keep doctors working for government hospitals when the private sector pays at least twice as much as the public sector does. This should be kept in mind in America as proposals for government health plans start trickling out from Presidential campaigns.

News World's seventh-largest country may have to wait 15 months to get a democratic government
Bangladesh, the seventh-largest country in the world, has been operating under a military-backed "caretaker" government since the start of 2007

Health Worst year for West Nile virus in Wyoming since 2003
It's widespread in the upper Great Plains. The hardest-hit state is North Dakota.

News Study says drug use by Latino 8th-graders has fallen 23% since 2001
(Article in Spanish) Yet the rate of drug use is still higher than among black or white students

Health British health regulators want all hospitals to have birthing pools
Related: Today is self-examination day, so women should conduct a monthly breast self-exam and men should conduct a monthly testicular self-exam

Threats and Hazards Burmese military government responds to protests with beatings and shootings
Americans too often forget that the First Amendment right "peaceably to assemble" isn't held throughout the world

News 30 second book review: "Feel This Book"

Water News Oregon contractor hit with quarter-million-dollar fine for water pollution

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