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Brian Gongol

October 7, 2007

Broadcasting Show notes: "The Brian Gongol Show" for October 7, 2007
Including caucuses and the big states, garbage competition, and border fences

The United States of America Quarter-billion-dollar audit underway
Trying to determine whether the government has been cheating American Indians of their dues -- and if so, by how much

The American Way Costa Rica appears to have approved CAFTA
Expanded free trade in the Western Hemisphere is great news. There will undoubtedly be costs along the way, but nothing that can't be fixed at much lower cost than the benefits accrued through increased trade.

News The little prince or the little dictator?
Filmmaker shows a class election in a Chinese elementary school -- and the dirty tricks of one child candidate seem altogether too adult

Computers and the Internet How the Internet could shape future popular revolutions
The Nation, a newspaper in Thailand (which itself is ruled by a "temporary" military-backed government), sought first-hand contributions to its online Burma Watch feature in order to cover the protests and crackdown. The crackdown continues in Burma, but there's no doubt it's getting more global attention than it would have without the help of the Internet. Related: A fight over one of Bombay's large newspapers has broken out between the biggest financier and the founder's hand-picked successor. Just more evidence that ownership makes all the difference in the world.

Threats and Hazards Musharraf wins Pakistan's presidential race after opposition boycotts

The United States of America Immigration reform got the bounce, but the worker deficit remained

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