Gongol.com Archives: October 2007
Brian Gongol

October 8, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: The Incredible Grandpa-Dad

Water News If catastrophic climate changes come true, the consequences all center on water

News Illegal immigrants from Dominican Republic die en route to Puerto Rico
(Article in Spanish)

News Streak of convenience-store robberies in New Hampshire scares locals
And it raises the question: Should they be armed? Armed robberies of convenience stores in the nation's capital, unfortunately, happen "with depressing regularity." In other places, clerks shoot back.

Humor and Good News "Yes! In your face, poetry!"

News Thirteen new predictions added to the Future Scale
As bizarre as some of the projections about the future may seem, a quick gaze at the past tells us that weird things happen all the time

News Iranian students chant "Death to the dictator" ahead of Ahmadinejad speech
A good example of how it's not Iran per se that we have a problem with -- it's elements running the Iranian government. The Iranian people are just like people everywhere; they just happen to live under a government that propagandizes openly and represses their right to free expression.

Health It's the incredible grandpa-dad
72-year-old British man is donating sperm to his daughter-in-law because his son hasn't been able to help her conceive. Related: The 2007 Nobel Prize for medicine is going to a pair of researchers working on stem cells.