Gongol.com Archives: October 2007
Brian Gongol

October 17, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Plain Paper Bag

Business and Finance I'd like to buy China a Coke
China is already Coca-Cola's #4 market, but they're targeting it to become #1

Science and Technology They just don't make dinosaurs like they used to
Fossils of a 100-foot-long dinosaur found in Argentina

Aviation News A peek at the new A380 suites

Business and Finance The cost of living matters
A poverty-level of subsistence costs 2.5 times as much in San Francisco as it does in the rest of the country. In Ventura County, California, even after a decline of more than 10% in the last two years, the median home price is still over half a million dollars. And as housing sales in California and elsewhere get into trouble, Gannett is suffering badly from the consequential decline in advertising sales.

Socialism Doesn't Work Soviet war planners would've sent troops straight into radioactive war zones
Their Cold War plans for post-nuclear engagement were more than a little macabre

Water News National Research Council expresses concern over ethanol's impact on water