Gongol.com Archives: October 2007
Brian Gongol

October 23, 2007

Socialism Doesn't Work Communism: Not quite as dead and buried as we thought
The Russian government has imposed price controls on food in an effort to shore up the popularity of President Putin's political allies. Price controls are inevitably a disaster...just ask Nixon. You simply cannot impose price controls without creating shortages and fostering black markets. It's just not possible; they never, ever work. This is especially bad policy in light of the fact that the entire world may be dealing with rising food prices.

Weather and Disasters San Diego fires force evacuation at Camp Pendleton
A bunch of National Guard troops have been sent to help with evacuations and other fire-related needs. The live news coverage continues to astonish with the sheer scope of the disaster. The fires are spreading into Mexico. The extent of the fires is incredible. A half-million people have been told to evacuate.

Humor and Good News Cruise ship passes underneath Sydney bridge with 6' of clearance
Someone call Max Headroom

News US military says troop deaths are significantly down
Meanwhile, President Bush is eager to put a missile-defense shield in Europe to counter any threats from Iran

News New Zealand joins the ranks of countries expecting much-older populations

Computers and the Internet Firefox update: Version
The update fixes eight security flaws, including two "critical" vulnerabilities

Water News 2007 is already the 7th-wettest year in Iowa's history

Humor and Good News 1930s-era visions of the future reprinted from cigarette packs