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Brian Gongol

October 28, 2007

Business and Finance The US housing bubble has nothing on the one in the UK
With a rising population and (obviously) a limited amount of space, one projection says that the average British house will cost almost ten times the average British salary within twenty years. Given the old rule of thumb that one should spend no more than about a third of one's gross income on housing (or, in other words, get a house at about three times one's salary), that's going to create a pretty powerful squeeze.

The United States of America If we don't put the squeeze on entitlement spending, it's going to crush us
The US is already in serious immediate economic trouble, and we're only six years away from Medicare slipping into insolvency. There's a huge amount of momentum behind global warming right now -- and that's an issue that's supposed to take decades to unfold. Why, then, are Americans so reluctant to do anything about fiscal disasters that are coming much sooner?

Humor and Good News Grand Theft Auto: Kansas

News Future Scale updated with 20 new forecasts and projections

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