Gongol.com Archives: November 2007
Brian Gongol

November 4, 2007

Business and Finance Accounting rules may reveal even bigger credit problems after November 15th

Weather and Disasters A million people need help in southern Mexico
Flooding in the state of Tabasco has created a titanic humanitarian emergency

News Turkish/Kurdish fight could keep the US and Iran from going to war

Health Diet and body mass look even more significant to cancer prevention than ever before
Related: "Hand-washing works, even in an imperfect world."

Threats and Hazards 100 lawyers beaten in Pakistan
While Americans love to make jokes about punishing lawyers, in reality, a nation in which lawyers are victims of government-endorsed violence is one in which the rule of law has already died

The United States of America Yet another metric for assessing Presidential prospects
Is it possible that candidates have a "shelf life" after which they are unviable? Is that shelf life really just 14 years in public office? The candidates are already lining up voters for February, and yet their economic platforms don't say much of anything about the looming fiscal disaster in Medicare.

Business and Finance South Korea's per-capita income hits $20,000
Which is a far lot better than neighboring North Korea's $1,800. It's a wonder anyone still questions the value of free markets and individual liberty.

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