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Brian Gongol

November 7, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Complete Nonsense

Water News Residents of Hills reject plan for city water system

Computers and the Internet Are Firefox developers and Google a little too cozy with one another?
Perhaps they're more than just friendly on business terms -- and it's possible that such a relationship creates some hazards and pitfalls. But even if Google were the prime mover behind anything Firefox, they're still less bound-together than Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Live Search. There's still room for a third browser in the market, and though Opera become a better program than it once was, it just hasn't captured much market share.

Business and Finance Dow average plunges, but it doesn't really matter
Just because stock prices fell by 2.6% in a day (compounded over 200 business days in a year, that would be a 99.5% annualized drop) really doesn't mean anything except that some people lost their heads. Did the economy lose 2.6% of its momentum between 4:00 yesterday and 4:00 today? Certainly not. A day like today ought to be a reminder why Warren Buffett is richer than any day-trader alive: He buys based on value, not price.

Threats and Hazards Sen. Hagel is concerned that a draft may be unavoidable
That's not the same as saying he wants it to happen -- just that he's worried that President Bush may be committing too many American forces in too many places without relief. Says the Senator: "War is nothing noble or good; it's all about brutality and suffering, and that should frighten you and intimidate you into doing what's right, to prevent going to war." A draft would be a terrible thing for the country, since it would de-professionalize the military.

Humor and Good News How to combat the silent treatment
A hilarious guide from Basic Instructions, a four-panel comic with some of the driest humor anywhere

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