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Brian Gongol

November 14, 2007

Water News UK plans to give up on defending several towns against rising seas

Graphics Graphic of the day: Final Exam

Humor and Good News Scotsman tells Donald Trump where to go
And it's not somewhere nice.

Broadcasting Hollywood writers aren't quite as irreplaceable as they might think
They might forget that English-speaking writers in other countries have access to things like e-mail that could make replacing the Hollywood writers easy

Business and Finance Retirement-savings plans available to small businesses
There's no way around two facts: First, Americans are (on average) absolutely terrible about saving for the future. Second, we have to change that if we're to have any hope of living in a society with a growing economy. We just can't borrow forever.

Iowa Exhaustive polling of Iowa voters produces result: Huge numbers are still undecided
Iowans are still mourning the loss of the AE cows, so the indecision is understandable. Perhaps we'll all just drop out of the race together.

Business and Finance Monkeys see, monkeys do not like getting cheated
When capuchin monkeys saw their buddies getting better rewards than they got for themselves for executing the same task, they started slacking off. One can draw one's own conclusions about how this may relate to the labor strikes in France, where public-sector workers are mad that the government is planning to cut the pension benefits that allowed some of them to retire with full pensions at age 50.

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