Gongol.com Archives: November 2007
Brian Gongol

November 15, 2007

Water News Nebraska state agronomist wants farmers to skip fall tillage

The United States of America Is Gov. Bobby Jindal a more important political phenomenon than Sen. Barack Obama?
He's the most prominent American of (Asian) Indian descent in politics today

News Midwestern governors set up cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases
No caps are in place yet; that'll happen in a year

Business and Finance "Greece's retirement system may derail government finances within a decade"
Greece joins the disturbingly long list of countries that face pension crises

Aviation News Airbus A340 smacks into a wall during engine test

Business and Finance US economy not the only one hurt by oil prices and reckless lending and borrowing
The governor of the Bank of England is worried for the UK, too

Humor and Good News Santas told not to say "Ho, ho, ho" in Sydney
Comical? Tragic? Both?

News Today a turning point for Pakistan
It's the day Musharraf is supposed to step down. Whether he does will tell a lot about what's coming next for the sixth-largest country in the world, and one that has nuclear weapons right next door to lots of American troops in Afghanistan.

News An EU that reaches North Africa and the Middle East?
That's what the British foreign minister is about to propose

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