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Brian Gongol

November 18, 2007

Water News Amana Colonies will generate energy from methane

Threats and Hazards GAO tests airline security, finds it still badly lacking
In a bunch of tests, they were able to sneak cheap explosive and incendiary devices past security screeners at multiple airports. The devices they used and the techniques used to get them past security were all based on public information. The need to improve the ability to screen for these things also has to be coordinated with the need to ensure that we don't invite other kinds of attacks by leaving hundreds of people lined up outside screening areas -- making them potential targets for attacks on the ground.

Business and Finance OPEC meeting bound to create more headaches for all

Weather and Disasters Poverty is a bigger killer than Mother Nature
2,300 people -- or more -- have been killed by a hurricane that hit and flooded Bangladesh. Ultimately, more people will likely die as a result of the incapacity of the response (aggravated by a lack of resources to carry out rescues and deploy humanitarian relief widely and quickly) than by the storm itself. It's an iron rule: The poorer the country, the larger the death toll from any given natural disaster. That's why economic prosperity is far more important than socialists understand.

The American Way Tony Blair shows good sense as Mideast diplomat
Plans to announce a program to create economic activity in the Palestinian territories, the lack of which is without a doubt one of the most significant driving forces behind violence there and the threats to Israel's security. Settling the economic problems simultaneously helps settle the issue of violence. Related: Money doesn't solve everything, of course...it just helps mitigate the risk of violence. The case of the Saudi gang-rape victim who has been sentenced to six months in prison for riding in a car without a male escort is stomach-churning.

Computers and the Internet 9-month-old Firefox bug to get fixed soon
It allows Firefox to open up files designated with a particular extension (.jar) without checking first to see if they really are that type of file, instead of a virus pretending to be so

Broadcasting Notes from the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio - November 18, 2007
Including: Monkeys like a square deal...restaurant density in Des Moines...censored cartoonists

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