Gongol.com Archives: November 2007
Brian Gongol

November 22, 2007

Water News Cedar Rapids gets a water scare for Thanksgiving

Business and Finance How the dollar exchange could kill Airbus
Because the US dollar is declining in value relative to other currencies, it's artificially expensive for American airlines to buy European airplanes...and that's killing Airbus.

Humor and Good News Instrumental cover version of the Sesame Street Pinball Count
(Audio) It's by a band called Big Organ Trio and it's enough to make one eager to listen to some of their other tracks. Try listening while watching some Moebius transformations and see if you can't find a few new ideas for science education.

News British Commonwealth kicks Pakistan out
Score one point for the rule of law

The United States of America "Open letter to Mr. and Mrs. America"
Not entirely right, not entirely wrong -- but an interesting tally of some problems in our time

Computers and the Internet You can't believe your eyes
Shocking new software manipulates photos on the fly

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