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Brian Gongol

December 2, 2007

Socialism Doesn't Work Egads -- India's Communist Party still hasn't been euthanized
And despite all its economic reforms, Vietnam is still crushing political dissent at every turn. In good anti-communist news, even though the United Russia party doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly pro-reform, it's good news that they soundly defeated the Communist party in Russia's weekend elections. And 51% of Venezuelan voters gave Chavez the thumbs-down on his bid for dictatorial powers. It would be nice to slay the Communist dragon once and for all.

Computers and the Internet Home computers consume a surprising amount of energy

Business and Finance Costco boss figures that well-paid workers can be expected to work harder
Related: Russian workers are using labor strikes to get more of what they want. Unions are neither inherently good nor inherently bad: Solidarity, for instance, was a union that achieved terrific results by helping to end Communism in Poland, but other unions have acted as mere fronts for Communist organizations. One issue to consider is whether changing technologies will revolutionize relationships in the workplace and put new people in power who haven't been there before.

News Rwanda wants into the British Commonwealth

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show - December 2, 2007
Including: China spends a fortune on airplanes...Chavez tries for a dictatorship...Google changes gears

The American Way EconDirectory update for December 2, 2007

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