Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 10, 2007

Water News EPA touts $210 million in enforcement action in the Midwest

News British Prime Minister thinks it's Google's job to fix poverty

Business and Finance How to turn your kid into a millionaire
The most important rule of all: Start saving and investing while young, preferably by age 22

Iowa An argument against allowing unmoderated comments on newspaper websites
An article highlighting the very serious issue of sexual assault on college campuses attracts dozens of idiotic replies on everything from videotaping one's own sexual encounters to left-right flame wars

News An odd robbery: Crashing a car into the window of an Ikea store
But perhaps not quite as odd as the story of the man who got stuck in a bathroom for four days

The United States of America The Achilles' heel to marriage arguments
Former Governor Huckabee has reiterated his stand on homosexuality, and in the process has leaned on the argument that a "proper" relationship involves a heterosexual couple having kids. The hole in that argument emerges when heterosexual couples either cannot have children or choose not to. By the marriage-for-procreation-alone argument, those couples are letting God down -- presumably in the same way as a homosexual couple, since neither is contributing to the peopling of the Earth. That seems to be a rather crude defense of any institution. No satisfactory logical argument has yet emerged that excludes monogamous gay couples from the right to some sort of civil union without simultaneously condemning childless couples. Is that enough reason alone to allow civil unions for homosexuals? Perhaps, or perhaps not. But the argument that marriage has to be "defended" against those who can't naturally procreate seems needlessly cruel.

News "European"-minded candidate gets Putin's endorsement for Russian President
Dimitry Medvedev is not a member of any party, so is eligible for (and has gotten) the endorsements of all four pro-Kremlin parties and is highly likely to get the job next year

Weather and Disasters Multi-day ice storm makes a mess of Kansas City

Humor and Good News Dan Akroyd makes headline news selling wine in Canada

Humor and Good News Where has all the beautiful industrial art gone?

Aviation News Three cheers for the FAA
They're initiating an official process to get rid of outdated and arcane regulations

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