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Brian Gongol

December 13, 2007

Water News Orange County starts recycling its wastewater

The United States of America Only four candidates really take debt seriously at GOP Presidential debate
And since Rep. Tancredo can't be taken seriously because of his anti-immigrant fervor, that leaves Rep. Paul, Sen. Thompson, and Sen. McCain as the remaining candidates for consideration. But Rep. Paul has been sending out some rather absurd mailings lately about sovereignty and the threat of Canada (of all places), so he's lost most of his credibility, too. So we're essentially down to two Republicans who are willing to take action on fixing the nation's finances. Sadly, that's about what we could have gleaned already from the economic platforms of the 2008 Presidential candidates.

Threats and Hazards Algerian media review the meaning of the bombings there

Science and Technology EU throws down gauntlet over climate change; US won't budge
Putting skepticism about global warming aside, it certainly appears that many of the things that we could do to cut greenhouse gas emissions are also things we could do to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And that's a clear and present danger to national security anyway. So why hasn't the government gotten its act together and started encouraging a significant new program of innovation to find alternatives? The ball could easily be gotten rolling through a system of incentive prizes for energy innovations.

Health Novartis will lay off 2,500 employees
Analyst: "Given the number and size of patent expiries over the next five years, we certainly expect more cost-cutting measures from the industry"

News UW-Madison charges student group $1,300 for security to protect controversial speaker
It's almost like imposing a back-door tax on their right to bring speakers to campus. As annoying as some speakers (left and right) can be, it's probably for the good to bring them to campus to put their ideas under the spotlight.

Weather and Disasters Post-season tropical storm breaks up over Hispaniola

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