Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 17, 2007

Humor and Good News "Latin America is basically a bunch of people in hats going 'ay ay ay' and running each other over."
That's a joke, of course. Also funny is a weird online dispute over repostings of old photos of Mike Huckabee.

Computers and the Internet Google releases 2007 "Zeitgeist" report

News Hope you like Putin...because he's coming baaa-aaack
Announces that he's willing to be prime minister if his hand-picked successor (Medvedev) is elected president next year

Business and Finance Barron's says Berkshire Hathaway is overvalued
It may be...it may not be. But it's really hard to believe that a huge, well-diversified, and insanely profitable business is as overvalued at a P/E ratio somewhere in the 15 to 25 range as Google is, for instance, at a P/E of 52.

Computers and the Internet The Internet: Just one more place where infrastructure underinvestment could hurt us
Unfortunately, the attention being paid to the Internet is mainly there for political reasons. More important would be the colossal underinvestment in America's physical infrastructure for the roads we drive upon and the water we drink...and the power we need to keep the Internet running.

Water News Change a light, but change to the right kind

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