Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 22, 2007

Water News 18 million Southern Californians get fluoridated water for the first time

Socialism Doesn't Work Smoke for the motherland

News Russia wants to talk Poland out of the missile shield

The United States of America EPA tells states they can't set their own carbon-dioxide standards

Weather and Disasters Will California face even bigger wildfires in the future?
There's a considerable chance that future fires could be worse than those that hit this year

Humor and Good News "Cars Detroit forgot to build"

Computers and the Internet Russia's professional-grade computer-crime business
By buying off the authorities, bouncing servers from place to place, and spoofing the response, they offer crooks a convenient way to conduct crime

Computers and the Internet How to find people online

Business and Finance Snapple gets a nice new logo, but it's a terrible decision
The new logo is more professional than the old, but it's a terrible idea to change the brand image. Anytime you change your image, you force people to hunt for your product instead of automatically reaching for it by instinct. And once you've broken the chain of instinct, you've created the risk that they'll choose something else. Sometimes a bad logo is a good insurance policy.

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