Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 23, 2007

Water News Colorado state engineer worries that cities are draining agriculture

Science and Technology UW/Madison research says humans are evolving faster than normal right now
And by "right now", they mean over the last 5,000 years -- thanks to things like exposure to domesticated animals and the spread of communicable disease

Health Biological warfare has been around since 1320 BC

The United States of America Wyoming governor on Presidential candidates: "None of them have actually spoken to the issues that matter in the West"
He's largely right.

Business and Finance Poland invades Lithuania...economically
Poland's largest company, a gas-station chain, is planning to branch out into the Baltic countries

Computers and the Internet Young workers end up both smarter and riskier than others
Their computer savvy is a double-edged sword: Making them better and finding and processing information, but also much more likely to break security policies (especially for IT) in ways that put companies at risk

Humor and Good News "Academic books are 432% too long"

The United States of America 16% of US households are mobile-phone-only
60% of households have at least one cell phone, and the number that go without land lines are mixing up the nature of political polls...which isn't a bad thing unto itself. Polls are conducted in such a way that those being polled create value which they transfer to the polling company for free. The polling company turns around and sells the resulting data, making a profit -- which they're fully within rights to do. But households ought to expect some kind of remuneration for their time and the nuisance of being bothered during the dinner hour. If Americans really want to stop government-by-poll-taking, they ought to start charging for the answers they give to the poll-takers.

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