Gongol.com Archives: December 2007
Brian Gongol

December 24, 2007

Water News Energy bill improves the landscape for E-85

The United States of America Living in Iowa is like being 20 times a voter?
Seems like an exaggeration of the value of living in early Presidential-selection states, especially considering that in the long run, states like Iowa have less pull in Congress than places like metro Atlanta.

Agriculture UK gardening group insists that saving seeds is more critical than ever
Garden Organic is trying to recruit new members for its Heritage Seed Library, which is their way of preserving species that aren't especially popular with gardeners. While the organic-food movement seems to miss a lot of the point of the value of things like fertilizer, this group at least seems to acknowledge the important point that we don't know which varieties might become extraordinarily important in the future due to unforeseen circumstances.

Science and Technology Should the Chernobyl region be turned into a giant nature preserve?
It hearkens to those alternate-reality simulations of what places like New York City would look like if all the humans disappeared

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