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Brian Gongol

January 7, 2008

Business and Finance Crappy dollar exchange rate means the UK has higher GDP per capita than the US

Broadcasting TV writers' strike? Yeah, it's still going
Many of us will get our Monday nights back, it looks, since "24" won't be back for a year, but if we go any farther down the American Gladiators route, we're going to be too stupid to remember how to turn the TV on and off by the time the strike is over

Humor and Good News High physics geekery

The United States of America Updated economic platforms of the 2008 Presidential candidates
Dropouts have been removed, and now we're down to just four candidates with any serious experience in the private sector, and only three who have really stepped up to the plate and talked about the seriousness of the Medicare funding crisis

Business and Finance "Slashing interest rates in an attempt to remedy the credit crisis amounts to putting a Band-Aid on a cancerous tumor"

The United States of America The very peculiar Ron Paul campaign
It starts with a libertarian and attracts lots and lots of irregular voters. The Reagan/Goldwater candidate for 2008 has yet to step forward to lead the GOP, so it's interesting to watch where the small-government conservatives are voting in this race. Representative Paul's biggest shortcomings seem to be his neo-nativism and his peculiar (and untenable) hankering for a return to the gold standard. Governor Huckabee, meanwhile, isn't a conservative so much as he's a Christian populist -- and the problem with populists is that they often end up reinforcing crude beliefs rather than actually leading people to the decisions that are best for them. Senator McCain is probably the one who best fits the small-government, real-leadership mold.

Computers and the Internet Problem with login tools makes Firefox users vulnerable to attack
Mozilla (the maker of Firefox) is working on a correction, but in the meantime, it's best to avoid using login credentials (the old username/password combo) anywhere you don't have to. On a related note, tomorrow's Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft includes one set of "critical" updates

Water News Controlling hog waste while maintaining jobs

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