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Brian Gongol

January 10, 2008

Water News Ice jams make a mess around the Quad Cities

Iowa Cedar Rapids Gazette turns 125 years old

Business and Finance Buffett on troubled banks: "We have not seen a deal that causes me to start salivating"
Here's an interesting comparison: Berkshire Hathaway just put $4.5 billion into buying a majority share in The Marmon Group, in one of the biggest ever one-time purchases for Berkshire. Meanwhile, the sovereign funds of the UAE and Singapore have just invested $7.5 billion and $6.2 billion, respectively, into American banks. Berkshire is one of the biggest companies in America -- and assuredly one of the most fiscally solid -- yet its biggest investment in some time is still considerably smaller than the investments being made by foreign governments into US financial companies. Perhaps that's food for thought regarding both the relative strength of American investing and the relative size of foreign sovereign funds.

Iowa UNI campus police are now armed

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