Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 15, 2008

Science and Technology The air-powered car
The first are to be built in India, by the same firm that's building the new $3,000 car

Business and Finance Citigroup writes off $18.1 billion in loan losses
That's a single-quarter loss that's three times what the State of Iowa spends in an entire year. Oh, to have been able to time the downturn as well as John Paulson, whose funds made $15 billion betting that it would happen right about now. (Let him have it...derivatives are a zero-sum game for suckers anyway.)

Business and Finance "Half of all Japan's quoted companies trade at less than book value"
That may be a good reason to buy into the Japanese investment market. Oh, and Japan is still the world's third-largest economy. Related: For all of the things that the Internet allows people to do with their money, why in the world would anyone put their personal net worth on display for all the world to see? Anything that's "anonymous" on the Internet today is most likely not to remain anonymous indefinitely...and it certainly won't if anyone has sufficient incentive to investigate. Transparency is great in the public sector, but why let people into your private world?

Water News Iowa still may face much higher costs for water cleanup

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