Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 21, 2008

Water News Air quality and water quality on tap for 2008

Weather and Disasters Baghdad gets its first snow in 100 years

Science and Technology The next (or next-next) generation of contact lenses
Researchers at the University of Washington are playing around with new ways of adding things to contact lenses, like displays and health monitors

News The Chicago Tribune's new flag
Sadly, they've given up on the old deep-blue stripe right across the top of the paper and replaced it with a blue set of letters on a transparent background

News LA Times editor gets the boot for resisting budget cuts

Broadcasting The bigger ripples caused by the writers' strike
The TV and movie writers may be the ones who have a beef with the producers, but since they've pretty much put a halt to anything new happening in Hollywood, the dispute is putting a lot of beginning actors and actresses out of work. Not that anyone deserves any particular sympathy, but there are repercussions for other workers in any economy when any group of workers goes on a long-term strike. 27% of the public is already watching less network TV as a result of the strike.

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