Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 29, 2008

Science and Technology ExxonMobil gets behind an electric car
It's to be built through a Canadian company called Electrovaya. Top speed: 35 miles per hour.

Threats and Hazards Army War College releases study on Pakistan's nuclear weapons
There's still a great deal of concern over the fact that an unstable government with a history of military coups has nuclear weapons, a big population, and an ongoing rivalry with neighboring India

Science and Technology Only using 10% of your brain? That's an urban legend.
The simple proof: If we only used 10%, then we should expect that most traumatic brain injuries would do little or no harm. But that's quite obviously not the case. Interestingly, some think that we will be able to put our entire brains on computers within 50 years. If it sounds impossible, consider that Heath Ledger will appear in a new film, even though he's dead, thanks to CG.

Weather and Disasters They may be huddled due to cold, but these are some cute macaques
China is dealing with a set of winter storms that have affected 80 million people, if one can imagine that.

Water News Fire in Maquoketa took every drop the water plant could produce

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