Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 30, 2008

Graphics Graphic of the day: So Cold

Business and Finance 58% of the public now agrees with economic isolationists
That's very, very unfortunate. Trade begets efficiency, and efficiency begets improvements in the quality of life. That there are stumbling blocks associated with trade is no more a reason to abandon it than the fact that there are stumbling blocks associated with new technology. You learn to adapt to those stumbling blocks, because the benefits that accrue outweigh the losses.

Science and Technology Researchers find switch that tells neural stem cells when to grow and when to stop
It looks like that may help them figure out how to combat the effects of diseases like Alzheimer's

Business and Finance Big banks continue multi-billion-dollar accounting adjustments

Health More evidence that vaccines don't cause mercury poisoning
A scare has been in place for some time, suggesting that the mercury found in some vaccines lodges itself in infants and causes autism. It looks, though, like the type of mercury used in some vaccination shots is actually expelled from a baby's body faster than the kind of mercury contained in fish, for example.

Aviation News 25% chance of a satellite hit between now and March
A defunct spy satellite has lost power and is slowly returning to Earth. It's bringing 9,000 kg (about 20,000 lbs) of metal with it.

Humor and Good News Power rocks absolutely

Humor and Good News Stick figure fights back
(Video) Clever animation of a stick figure fighting a desktop cursor

Water News Cost to reduce phosphorus runoff in Iowa: $1 billion

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