Gongol.com Archives: January 2008
Brian Gongol

January 31, 2008

Business and Finance Despite high prices, now isn't a good time to be in the oil business
Shell, for instance, is dealing with security problems, hostile governments, and lower production

Threats and Hazards Russia won't allow much oversight of upcoming elections
And, given the pattern of electoral abuse the ruling parties have been up to of late, that's not reassuring. Russia is getting a lot of cash out of oil and gas sales right now, and some of that is being used to show off its military strength.

Weather and Disasters It's soooo cold
Overnight temperatures in the Midwest have been dropping to 30 and 40 degrees below zero

Science and Technology RAND report: Climate change will disrupt California's water
And the report goes on to say that most of those involved in the process haven't paid attention to the change and need to

Science and Technology Blue eyes have only been around for about 10,000 years

Weather and Disasters Half-million travelers stranded by train delays in just one city in China
Winter weather is so bad there that 20,000 cars are stuck on just one expressway. People are trying to get home for the Chinese new year, and that's compounding other problems, including food shortages.

Water News Need for new water mains becomes obvious in Omaha