Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 4, 2008

Health Religion interfering with public health
Some medical students in the UK say they don't have to follow new practices mandated to help offset the risk of the MRSA superbug because that would cause them to reveal the skin on their forearms, in violation of their religious preferences. Related: Even with hand-sanitizing gels available, there's still just not enough hand-washing going on in American hospitals.

Business and Finance How to get a human being on the phone when calling an (800) number

Humor and Good News The real in-flight entertainment you're missing back in the passenger cabin
A French aircrew engaged in a striptease in the cockpit, and the video has found its way onto the Internet. More was revealed than in the swimsuit calendar some stewardesses from Ryanair posed for a few months ago...or in the hot-stewardess video for the remix of "Star to Fall".

Water News How much water for ethanol?