Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 5, 2008

Water News 2.7 million gallons of sewage dumped into waters near San Francisco

Computers and the Internet Yahoo pulls plug on subscription music service

Business and Finance Newspaper buyouts may have been unaffordably leveraged

The United States of America Huzzah for Craig Ferguson
The late-night host from Scotland has become an American citizen. The coverage on his own show last night was actually kind of moving in a patriotic way. For as much hassle as a lot of Americans give to immigrants, it's a really neat way to see that there are still thousands of people who are eager to become "us." Ferguson has stood out from the other late-night hosts for some time, thanks to his natural and honest demeanor, and seeing him take enormous pride in becoming an American was just another worthy moment.

Science and Technology Getting light to stop moving
It appears to be possible, once one gets near absolute zero, which has recently become possible

Science and Technology How many people are enough to take something from "strange hobby" to "organized movement"?
If the founder of Wikipedia is right, about five...now that we have the Internet

Computers and the Internet Security hole with Yahoo Jukebox hits the streets

Science and Technology Weight loss with R2D2
Stanford University researchers figure out that a PDA programmed to remind older adults to get physically active actually worked extremely well at getting them to exercise. Now, combine that kind of very simple technology with something like the Roomba, and you can see how robotics may become a very commonplace part of our daily lives in the very near future. The future certainly looks different from how it did just a few years ago.

Health High-fiber whole-grain diet leads to better weight loss than dieting alone
For what it's worth, you can call a random Iranian from a phone bank in New York City

News "Rock the Casbah" may have been about the ban on rock music in Iran
Then again, that might just be a misinterpretation of the lyrics

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