Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 11, 2008

Water News UI hospital sued over Legionnaires'

Threats and Hazards Russia uses oil money to pay for bombers to annoy US aircraft carriers
Four Tupolev-95 bombers were launched from far eastern Russia on Saturday, and one of them flew 2,000 feet above the USS Nimitz. Forget global warming: Energy efficiency and research is a national security issue. Russia's government is making a lot of money by exporting high-priced oil and natural gas in greater volumes than in the past through the nationalized petroleum businesses, and it's using that money to fund a bit of revived militarism. If we could reduce our consumption of energy through efficiency gains, learn to produce more of our own energy, or (better still) do some of both, we could help ease pressure on the world energy market. That would put less money in the pockets of countries and groups that are trying to make things worse in the world. And if that helps the environment, too, then so much the better. Anyone who doesn't think we need to be paying heightened attention to Russia and China right now is missing the big news.

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