Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 12, 2008

Water News How much water does Iowa really have?

Business and Finance Creator of Apple's first logo gave up a 10% share in the company

Computers and the Internet February's Patch Tuesday is huge
It includes six "critical" updates among a total of eleven. Symantec considers them pretty big, too.

Humor and Good News How to read Yahoo's internal memos

Iowa State auditor red-flags Iowa's budget
The governor still wants to spend $179 million that the state doesn't expect to receive in taxes and fees. And, worse, the state is issuing bonds to cover operating expenses. That's like taking out a loan at the bank to pay for dinner. In related news about fiscal irresponsibility, the White House is hoping to create 500,000 new jobs with the highly unwise economic-stimulus package. Total cost: $336,000 in new debt spending per job. And as we all know, someday, we'll have to pay off the debt -- probably involving lower spending and higher taxes. If anyone thinks that higher taxes don't have unfortunate consequences, consider Greg Mankiw's question: "Have you ever turned down a money-making opportunity that would have accepted if it paid twice as much?"

News Today is the 199th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday
And yet 12,300,000 people are still living in slavery around the world today, including stunning numbers of child slaves. In some places, entire populations are held as slaves in order to pay off their ancestors' debts.

Broadcasting Writers' strike ends at long last

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