Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 14, 2008

Water News Another dry year is possible for western Nebraska

The United States of America The best voting method: Optical scanners with randomized audits of paper ballots

Science and Technology Maybe the electric car isn't dead
North Carolina is working on a project to create a plug-in center for electric cars

Broadcasting How creative use of technology helped in the San Diego wildfires

Threats and Hazards CIA warns that cyberterrorists have held power systems hostage for cash
Not in the United States, but in other countries -- and they obviously think there's a chance it could happen here

Threats and Hazards REAL ID "replaced 99 years worth of state driver's license work with new federal standards"

Socialism Doesn't Work Iowa legislators can't wait to give away money we don't have
They're ready to give away $36 million in tax breaks in order to get 50 jobs. That's $720,000 per job -- assuming they even know how many jobs would be coming along with the deal, which they don't. Is there no one in the state who could create 50 jobs for $720,000 per job?

Aviation News Navy will shoot down the dead spy satellite that's set to crash soon
The National Reconnaissance Office says the satellite's leftover fuel could create a toxic cloud if it reaches the ground, so they'd rather blow it up outside the atmosphere