Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 15, 2008

Business and Finance What Warren Buffett saw about the mortgage situation three years ago

News Ted Turner says he isn't trying to corner the Ogallala Aquifer
He says he's just trying to raise a lot of buffalo

Iowa Fort Dodge used to be a big center for stoneware production

Humor and Good News In honor of Presidents' Day: The five manliest Presidents of all time

The United States of America Congress needs to stop wasting time on baseball
Here are ten things that Congress should be spending time on instead of whether Roger Clemens used steroids:

Item Chinese cyberwarfare
Item encouraging innovation in energy production and efficiency using inducement prizes
Item socialism in Latin America
Item genocide in Darfur
Item slavery and human trafficking
Item the re-emergence of Russian militarism
Item finding cures for cancer
Item fixing the mess it has made in education
Item encouraging the development of bioengineered organs
Item controlling the Federal debt

There are certainly scores of other things that could make up similar lists.

Water News What effects do crops have on climate?

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