Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 26, 2008

Business and Finance It's not just peak oil we should be thinking about
One portfolio manager thinks a whole bunch of commodities -- especially metals -- may be on the verge of becoming unaffordable for nearly any purpose

The United States of America Should intellectual property be property-taxed?
Could be an interesting way of dealing with the now-thoroughly-messed-up and far-too-long copyright terms recently installed by an idiotic government in Washington. It would be better to just get back to basics and return to shorter copyright terms, but if they're not going to do that, perhaps other back-door means of letting things drift into the public domain should be pursued.

News Ultra-Catholic Ireland will lose two thirds of its priests within 20 years

Computers and the Internet What the YouTube outage tells us about Internet vulnerability
First, it's a reminder that many governments still try to keep people from seeing the things they want to see, and that's a fundamental violation of personal liberty. The government of Pakistan apparently found a YouTube video offensive and tried to block it for political reasons. Second, the fact that they not only screwed up their own domestic access to the website, but also that of everyone around the world, should tell us that the Internet is more vulnerable than we should like.

Humor and Good News Evita as a map

Socialism Doesn't Work Free trade shouldn't be used as a political weapon
The Democratic political candidates' promises to use free trade as a point of leverage against Mexico and Canada just isn't smart. Free trade is ultimately a good thing because it allows us to specialize, which in turn allows us to get more of what we need and want with less effort. It shouldn't be used as a means of menacing our neighbors.

Weather and Disasters Cloud vortices from space

Aviation News USAF says it's not changing policy, even if Russia is screwing around with bombers
But the Air Force Chief of Staff says he thinks Russia might be posturing because it knows the US has been having problems with the F-15

Water News Florida power outage: A reminder of the need for backup power

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