Gongol.com Archives: February 2008
Brian Gongol

February 28, 2008

Water News Environmental groups plan big push on Congress

News Expect riots in the streets if they try to rename Wrigley Field
Sam Zell, who led the buyout of the Tribune Company (which owns the Cubs and the Friendly Confines) wants the Wrigley Co. to ante up for naming rights to the field. So far, the company hasn't announced plans to do so, but one can only imagine how upset Cubs fans would be if someone tried to rename the field. It's had the name since 1926. when the Wrigley family owned the team. One sportswriter says any naming rights would be moot, anyway. The Wrigley Field sign has to remain up no matter what.f

Science and Technology Consulting firm says it's designing a 5,000-foot-tall building
It's supposed to be twice as tall as the Burj Dubai, which is speeding towards becoming the world's tallest building -- even though no one outside the project knows how tall it's supposed to be when it's finished

News What you need to know about Vladimir Putin, right now
Excellent 21-minute segment from "Frontline" this week highlights the political climate in Russia -- and it's unsettling

Aviation News Who would rather a prop plane to a B1?
An online survey over which should feature on the cover of the April "Air and Space Smithsonian" magazine has a single-engine propeller plane in the lead over the B1 bomber

Humor and Good News "Baby Got Back," Gilbert and Sullivan style
(Video) Homo sapiens has been evolving for 195,000 years, and this is the pinnacle?

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