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Brian Gongol

March 2, 2008

Broadcasting Show notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - March 2, 2008

The American Way EconDirectory update for March 2008
More than 300 frequently-updated websites in the world of business and economics are included

Aviation News US Air Force tosses Airbus a $35 billion tanker deal
Boeing also put in a bid for the job and will assuredly protest. The tankers will be started in Europe as A330's and finished in Alabama as tankers

News Medvedev wins Russian presidency with 70% of vote
Whether that was a free and fair election is another matter altogether -- it wasn't

Socialism Doesn't Work Ben Stein worries that taxes are going to rise
And there's a good chance of it happening, given the nation's extraordinary obligations and our continued failure to pay for them or to impose any sort of controls on costs

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