Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 11, 2008

Aviation News What your US Air Force was up to today

News UK still not sure if it wants to get deeper into the EU
They're having trouble on the other end of the spectrum, too: The Scottish don't seem too excited to trumpet their allegiance to the Queen right now, either

Computers and the Internet Problems with Vista? You're not alone. Microsoft execs have been similarly disappointed.
Compatibility issues have annoyed a lot of Vista users, particularly the early adopters. And their bad experiences have given the operating system a (perhaps deserved) bad rap. Some of those early adopters were high-placed Microsoft executives who found they couldn't use their own software. Vista still has yet to prove itself a Great Leap Forward over Windows XP.

Humor and Good News In case you've completely lost your mind
A service called "Dinner in the Sky" will hoist up to 22 dinner guests 50 meters (about half a football field) in the air and serve them dinner while their seats and table are suspended from a crane. Why?

Water News Nebraska probably just can't win against Mother Nature this year

Business and Finance The Subprime Primer
How, more or less, the banks got into the subprime mortgage mess.

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